Sharif University of Technology

Department of Physics

Nano, Energy, Surface and Thin films

Instruction Manuals for Equipment:

Jasco V-530, UV/VIS Spectrophotometer(5)
AND GR202, Analytical Balance(2)

Instruction manual      AD1653 Density Determination Kit manual

Elmasonic P60H, Bath Ultrasonic(1)

Instruction Manual

IKA RCT Basic, Hot Plate & Stirrer(2)

Instruction Manual      ETS-D4 fuzzy Thermometer Manual

Other Files:

NEST Logo(2)

300 dpi      600 dpi

Sharif University Logo(4)

English(600 dpi)       English(300 dpi)       Farsi(600 dpi)       Farsi(300 dpi)

Reservation List(5)

IKA Hot plate      Autolab      UV-Vis     Elma Bath Sonicator      Furnaces

Log Sheet(3)

Autolab      Centrifuge      Elma Bath Sonicator